• Visioneering your tomorrow.

    I coach high performance business leaders & owners to go that extra mile to deliver winning experiences: for themselves, their teams, and their clients.
    It’s about ‘stepping up’ to remain a future fit leader.

  • “Steve brings a powerful combination of leadership experience (as a former CEO) and insightful coaching expertise to his coaching conversation with clients. I highly recommend Steve to anyone seeking to reach their full leadership potential to become a truly transformational leader.”

    – Ivette Rohrbach, Global Head – Global Talent Mobility, Grant Thornton International.

  • If you’re serious about ‘stepping up’ your personal development, call me for a quick chat. I’d be pleased to explore if there’s a fit between us.

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Meet Steve

Steve is a hands-on, people oriented Global Executive Leadership Coach, Mentor & Board Advisor with 30 years of experience in global businesses that provide business intelligence, market information & consulting services.

Steve is:

  • A former CEO in a FTSE 100 company
  • An International Coach Federation Board Director (Vancouver)
  • A coach to the United Nations Humanitarian Coaching Program
  • A certified coach through the International Coach Federation & the Coaches Training Institute
  • A Non-Executive Director to three business intelligence consultancies: 4SiGHT Research, Borderless Access and Data’oro.

Steve coaches clients from around the world from: Bangladesh, Canada, Egypt, England, Greece, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and the USA.

Previously, he spent 21 years in the Middle East & N. Africa, much of it as the regional CEO for Kantar TNS – the world’s largest research, insight & consultancy, and a WPP company (www.wpp.com). There, he organically built Kantar TNS from a team of 40 into a leading regional multi-million US Dollar consultancy, with a team of 500, across 21 countries.

Steve’s business growth success lies in his passion for coaching and mentoring individuals and teams to enable them to deliver winning experiences to their true potential, with a collaborative mind set.

Steve was a member of several Kantar TNS Executive Committees across Africa, the Middle, Asia Pacific & Latin America, and Kantar TNS Markets Board Chairman (Africa/Middle East). From 2003 to 2013 he was the ESOMAR United Arab Emirates Representative, the world association for market, social & opinion research.

Born in Dubai, educated in Canada and France, and fluent in English & French, Steve has an international perspective. He is an Executive Member of Toastmasters International and a long-standing member of the Market Research Society, UK, and member of the International Coach Federation.

Coaching Services

Why it matters

The effectiveness of the traditional top down, one dimensional “I” leadership model is faltering. In its place is emerging a new generation of “We” leadership , where the growth of quality leaders at all levels is the #1 key to business growth & success.


Leadership Coaching 101

The program is designed for those stepping up from a managerial to a leadership role.


Leadership Coaching for Self Mastery

Unlike training programs where one size fits all, this coaching program is customised to your needs, and critically, as your coach I hold you accountable long enough for self-mastery of new adaptive leadership behaviours.


Intensive Leadership Coaching

The program is customised to your needs and designed to provide you with comprehensive diagnostic coaching support of your leadership style and impact on your business.  You will emerge with future shaping clarity to become the leader you want to be.



The core outcomes of Future Fit Leadership coaching are to deepen and pass on learnings and over time, evoke significant and continuous transformation to performance improvements.


“What we see or presume to see, day after day, constitutes who we are and colours our whole life.”
– Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy

If you’re serious about ‘stepping up’ your personal development, call me for a quick chat. I’d be pleased to explore if there’s a fit between us.

Call Steve +1-604-378-4937