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Steve’s [Coaching] Philosophy

I have a deep respect for the human spirit; it has the power to create untold greatness in self and others.

I believe in developing honest self-awareness and self-acceptance for authentic leadership.

I believe in going the extra mile to co-create winning experiences.

I believe in the power of being Clear, Consistent, Credible, Confident, Civil, Concise and Compassionate.

I believe in courageously holding up the mirror to oneself to recognise the enemies within, and to develop guiding voices of wisdom.

I believe it takes courage to strike a balance between getting things done (The Head) and developing people (The Heart).

I believe there is 10% of truth in everything.

I believe in the power of the 18th Camel … which is about removing self-limiting beliefs, identifying blind spots, overcoming assumptions, and being open to multiple perspectives to develop winning solutions, even if not visible in the moment.

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