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[Fully Immersive] Coaching Program

This one-on-one coaching program adopts a holistic view of the client’s world, their role in it, and the changes they need to make to accelerate their growth for competitive advantage.

In addition to the one-on-one coaching, this program includes a combination of client assessments, interviews with the client’s stakeholders, developing a learning map, and more so as to make the invisible visible to the leader.

Coach Steve will hold the client accountable to the point where they start to demonstrate mastery at helping others think for themselves, and take ownership of their work.

“The program is designed to provide you with comprehensive diagnostic coaching support of your leadership style for a positive impact on your business.

In addition to 12 one-on-one coaching sessions, unlimited in-between support and 2 to 4 accountability sessions, this program includes in-person, on-premises interactions, typically:

Personal Leadership Assessment, with Action Plan

In-person face-to-face meetings with the client (start, mid term, completion)

Business climate assessment – ‘walk around’ plus interviews with team members

Mid term face-to-face meeting – ‘stepping it up

Completion – Visioning your tomorrow – accountability road map for lasting change

Clients emerge from this coaching program seeing the world from a fresh new perspective, and with enhanced future-shaping clarity to deliver new breakthroughs to become the leader they want to be.

• 12 one-on-one coaching sessions

• Unlimited in-between support

• 2-4 follow-up accountability sessions to fully embed new behaviours

• Personal Leadership Assessment, with Action Plan

• Confidential interviews with your team, peers and line manager

• In-person face-to-face meetings with you at the start, mid term, end

• Business ‘walk around’ to assess the climate of the business

• Wrap-up for lasting change


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