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[Board Advisory] Services

The 18th Camel Ltd. also provides Board Advisory Services to:

• Challenge assumptions and guard against groupthink

• Expose the Board to new thinking to broaden horizons, and improve understanding of a company’s markets, risks and future growth drivers

• Provide technical or specialist advice and extend the range of skills and understanding of the Board in areas beyond its day-to-day fields of expertise;

• Widen the networks of contacts and opportunities available to the organisation to directly benefit the bottom line.

Put simply, The 18th Camel Ltd. Board Advisory Practice provides clients with access to talent that they would otherwise not be able to tap.

“Board advisors are there to give focus to or sometimes challenge research and intelligence work being done in the company, thus avoiding groupthink and giving direction on big picture issues.

– Bill Emmott, former editor of The Economist

The 18th Camel Ltd. Board Advisory Service is offered on a bespoke basis and typically involves a fixed retainer for 2 to 3 days of advisory work per month, including regular in-person meetings and annual strategic reviews, and lasts a minimum of 2 years.


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