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Here’s Winston, one of my Sage Voices

Here’s Winston, one of my Sage Voices. Who are your Sage Voices, and what are their names? … giving your Sage Voices names is a powerful way to quickly access their wisdom, especially in stressful situations.


Sages Voices are your inner wisdom that you call upon to drown out your ANTs (Automactic Negative Thoughts) and allow you to make more considered decisions … what Daniel Kahneman famously coined as System 2 Thinking, which is more rigourous and reliable than System 1 Thinking, which he said is “a machine for jumping to conclusions”.


Here, after a 90 minutes of concentrated course design work, Winston reminds me to step back, relax and recognise that as the mind becomes more calm, it also becomes more, rather than less, alert. 


Thanks Winston for a welcomed break … I’m now ready to jump back into my design work for a bit.