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Do you REALLY know what your Values are?

Do you REALLY know what your Values are? In my executive coaching experience, most people don’t … until they’ve been stepped on. This presents us as leaders with a HUGE opportunity, because honouring our values lies at the heart of all personal change. And we all want to grow, develop and change, right?


Our Values are deep-seated personal behaviours that form the framework we use for making decisions. Values are the driving force behind our work and our passions.


When we are clear about our values, and honour them consistently we experience greater congruency in life, at home and work. Consciously becoming aware of how our values shape our actions, reduces emotional dissonance, and encourages us to tap into our inner wisdom for greater creativity …. and we become more impactful leaders!


Want to clarify your Values? I invite you to get in touch with me and I’ll provide you with a guide – for free!