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What’s YOUR Service Orientation?

What’s YOUR Service Orientation? Is it more to Others or to Self? … and this perspective is more useful than framing it in the typical judgemental extremes of Selfless or Selfish.


Neither Service Orientation (Others or Self) is a complement or a criticism, they both have their pluses and minuses … and leadership success is often dependent on finding the courage to balance between the two, in a world where all too often leaders are ‘stuck’ in just one ‘Service Orientation’ … to Others or to Self.


I’ve learned from (painful) personal experience, and from thousands of hours coaching clients, that when we fail to find a balance, our biggest fears are manifested: when too ‘In Service of Others’ we ultimately let others down (which is our biggest fear), and when too ‘In Service of Self’ we ultimately let ourselves down (which is our biggest fear).


When we recognise AND balance our ‘Service Orientation’ we unlock our full potential as leaders … SO, what is your ‘Service Orientation’? … maybe you need to be doing more things for yourself (eg. put the oxygen mask on first) … or maybe you need to step out of yourself and be more loving and of greater service to others.