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Wisdom from thousands of hours of executive coaching, and inspiration from Stephen Gribben …


1. Focus on positive self-talk … tame your Saboteurs & listen to the wisdom of your Sage Voices


2. Set yourself as the benchmark from which to improve and grow … do not compare yourself to others as there is ALWAYS someone doing ‘better’ than you


3. Exercise at a moderate level … to manage your testosterone & cortisol levels


4. As Voltaire famously said “Perfection is the enemy of good” – LET GO … of perfection because 80% is often good enough


5. Be gentle on yourself when you when you make a mistake, and take away the Gifts, Lessons and/or Opportunities to build your Wisdom (think GLOW)


6. Focus on the things you can change and that are within the locus of your control, and let go of the rest


7. Do the things you enjoy, in a way you enjoy … Yes, live life on purpose!


8. Celebrate the small stuff because that’s what really counts


9. Step outside of yourself to be more loving and of greater service to others


10. Surround yourself with supportive people – a positive attitude goes a long way