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MONKEY PUZZLE is a children’s book, and one of my favorite to share with business leaders. In a clever way and in a few short pages, Monkey Puzzle brings to light many critical leadership skills such as the:

§ power of curiosity (and the downfall of assumptions through closed-ended questions)

§ the benefits of consistent persistence

§ the role of story telling to engage people (a key aspect of charisma in leadership)

§ the power of observation

§ to never assume people understand what you’re trying to explain

… and perhaps most strikingly in this story … the role our worldview plays in navigating life … in others words, and to quote Alfred Korzybski “The map is not the territory.” i.e. people often confuse models of reality with reality itself; indeed, a map can be wrong!

If you’ve not read Monkey Puzzle or want a leadership refresher, I invite you to invest in yourself and watch the 5 minute video narration below. Enjoy!